Tong Wo Tong Cemetery

Tong Wo Tong Cemetery, Keauhou, HI ©2011 Mark Given

Next to the beautiful Keauhou Store on Mamalahoa Highway is an arched gate built in 1903 which serves as the entrance to the Tong Wo Tong cemetery.
The gate was built by Yoshisuke Sasaki, who, in 1919 went on to build the Keauhou Store.

Cement Gate to Tong Wo Tong Cemetery

Walking along a fairly rugged and narrow downhill path

Path to cemetery, barely visible in foreground

it’s easy to notice small visual poems. If the next door dogs aren’t barking the atmosphere is quite hushed and secluded.

Lava and leaves along the path

After several turns and some crouching to avoid overhanging foliage the view opens up a bit and you get your first view of the cemetery.

Tong Wo Tong Cemetery ©2011 Mark Given

As you explore, the graveyard reveals its treasures.

©2011 Mark Given

©2011 Mark Given

©2011 Mark Given

©2011 Mark Given

©2011 Mark Given

On your way out you may notice small, perfect impressions, seemingly placed to confirm the elegiac and melancholy mood of the place.

©2011 Mark Given

©2011 Mark Given

6 thoughts on “Tong Wo Tong Cemetery

  1. I.

    I clicked on every link, drank in every image, lingered over every phrase.

    Artful. Truly artful. And technoriffic.


  2. Thank you for posting this. Francis K Aona is my great grandfather. My son had a chance to visit his grave for the first time today. Your photos are wonderful! 🌺

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