Merry Pumpkins

Pumpkin Farmers Extrordinaire

Ken and Jay proudly standing before their lovely new home

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing two good friends, Ken and Jay. Among other things (and there are lots of other things), these guys grow, process and sell America’s first pumpkin seed oil. Organic, of course.  It’s truly wonderful stuff, especially yummy on soups and salads.

In the photos, we were trying to reproduce the look of these, shot three years ago. If you look closely you’ll notice the house in the background of those photos is slightly different from the one above. Well, totally different actually. In the spring of 2010 Jay and Ken experienced the heartbreaking and terrifying disaster of their home burning to the ground. Truly a devastating event, but luckily they got through it unharmed.

Disheartened but resolute, they rebuilt; a beautiful showplace of a home, filled with their warm personalities and their love. And so last night as the sun quickly dropped behind the ridge in the west, we stood on the same slope and made some images with that new home in the background. Welcome home, Ken and Jay.

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